As for the cost of hot drum asphalt mixing plants, it depends on the type of a plant, its design and manufacturing country.

          In terms of plant types, the cheapest are mini asphalt plants and mid-range capacity asphalt plants, respectively. They have a different design and equipment set and are the most affordable and also have limited purpose. They are mainly used for small municipal contracts of maintenance and road repair.

          The next ones in the pricing policy are stationary plants, and if make them mobile, it will increase the price.

• The price is influenced by environmental requirements, namely the type of filtration. If you have increased environmental requirements, then the price of the plant can be increased by $27,500.00.• If you have problems with bitumen supply, for continuous operation you will need a bitumen storage or bitumen melter. This will also increase your costs.


• If you require an option such as a storage bin, you will need to purchase one as well.


• When assessing the final cost, it is necessary to consider both the delivery cost and the cost of the foundation, which can be up to $27,500.00.


• Also, the cost of installation of the plant can be significant. Not installation supervision, but installation, where cranes are significantly used. The cost of installation can also reach $27,500.00, taking into account the payment for personnel, materials and crane work.


• Also, the cost of a hot drum asphalt concrete plant depends on the dollar exchange rate, which can be different at different times. You cannot be guided by the exchange rate of the Central Bank’s dollar. It is necessary to be consider the dollar exchange rate of the purchase price in the bank. For example, during the period of dollar jumps, the official exchange rate may cost 70 rubles, and in the bank, when buying, it can already reach 77 rubles. This is also worth paying attention to.

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The estimated cost of the smallest installation starts from $14,000.00. The most expensive complex can cost $ 2,000,000.00.


(prices are in rubles)

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